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  1. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I'd be interested in the answer as well re Global Health. I just got an offer from UofA Global Health stream off the waitlist, but I've already accepted UVic. Now I've got some decisions to make and research the program at UofA a bit more.
  2. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Has anyone waitlisted at UofA heard back?
  3. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I had until tomorrow (May 1, 4pm) to accept the uvic offer. I'd imagine they send out new offers shortly after the deadline passes. Good luck
  4. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Great, thank you!
  5. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Anyone who got accepted to UofA, do you have a date by when you need to accept the offer? I'm waitlisted and trying to gauge when I might hear something.
  6. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Really great information neonlily and becca, thank you so much for sharing.
  7. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Oh that's great to hear. Thanks for your input. So difficult to know because I didn't go to school here.
  8. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I'm late to the party, but wondering if anyone is going to UVIC? I'm new-ish in Canada and not really sure about schools and reputation etc. Any words of advice from anyone? I got an offer from uvic, rejected from UBC and wait-listed from UofA. UofA is would be my first choice, but not sure how much movement there would be on a wait list. Seems like most would not decline. Uvic would be nice because of the flexibility online learning offers, but it's a lot of $ and time for a school maybe a lesser reputation. I don't know what to do.