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  1. I'm currently in a 6 year doctoral program for Clinical Psychology. I am currently entering my fourth year in the program. I met my fiancé when I was two years in, and we are getting married in October. We live together and making sure we spend time together is always a priority, so I understand where you're coming from. He is a firefighter, so our schedules sometimes conflict, and sometimes work out. Most of the time, we are ships passing in the night! I agree with the above comments. We always have a "date meal" and this could even be breakfast at a diner. We also make sure we call it a date so we recognize and appreciate the time together... it can be hard to do when your life gets hectic (work and school). While getting my doctorate, I am also working part-time and completing a practicum for my program. It also took some rearranging on my part and organizing my schedule better so I can enjoy every part of my life and schedule. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  2. Thanks cafec0nleche. You're right and even I know those things are just as important. It's just discouraging considering how competitive the process is and I start to worry when others in my cohort beginning discussing theirs. I appreciate the feedback though!
  3. Thanks, JoePianist. I don't have anything below a "B", but I do have a couple of those... My GPA is in the 3.7 range. Hoping to bring it up, as I have two more years in the program.
  4. What would be considered an acceptable GPA in a PsyD program? I understand a 4.0 is something to strive for, but considering I am working in the mental health field currently as a therapist and administering psych assessments at an inpatient hospital aside from classes, it would ease my mind as I am about to prepare for internship applications.
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