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  1. hey I am an international student.I apllied in January but there was some miscommunication so my documents weren't checked until the issue was resolved last month(it was basically IELTS,my country was exempted as stated in the school's website so I had to call the school and have a chat with someone there to have it waived officially after I provided my high school transcript). I applied for financial analytics too.I haven't heard from them since.I sent an email but I was told my documents were still being assessed . Have you heard from them?. If not,have you tried to contact them? Do you know anyone that has been admitted to that particular program yet? I did Actuarial Science - 80%. give me your email or send me an email on
  2. Trent University (Peterborough, Ontario)

    Hey there, I applied for Trent Universitues Finacial Analytics program this year hoping to begin in Fall.I haven't had a reply yet but I was wondering if you could let me know about the acceptance rate for grad courses. Thank you
  3. Anyone here applied to the financial analytics stream of applied modeling and quantitative methods or big data at Trent university in Durham or Peterborough ?