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    Nineteenth and twentieth-century American literature and culture; southern literature; law and literature; postcolonial studies; ethics; prison writing
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    2018 Fall
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    PhD/MA in Am Lit

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    Hi @amstu! I am in the same boat as you. I am also focusing on 19th c Am., working on a WS over the summer, and trying not to drown out my fears about the GRE (and basically everything about applications) with copious amounts of wine. I am split between a couple PhD and MA programs I am interested in (I'm coming into senior year of undergrad this fall), but I haven't felt comfortable enough to nail down a definitive list. I'm hoping to take the summer to do some studying on schools and the GRE/subject test and hopefully have myself somewhat together by classes in September. I would be glad to pace with you over the summer if you're looking for a study buddy.

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