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  1. Yes, I'm aware but thanks! I meant it more from the point of view that that seems to be my main reason for applying to grad school in the first place, and I'm not sure that that should be the primary reason.
  2. Ah ok. Well I'm not a U.S. citizen (Indian), but want to do an MPP to up my chances of getting a job either in the States or elsewhere, and I just happen to have an interest in issues like racism, race relations etc. Not sure where that will take me though, because I've heard that many of these programs (Jons Hopkins, Georgetown etc.) are just feeder schools for American students to get into government, and I'm not sure where that'll leave me as a non-U.S. citizen. In an ideal situation, I'll end up doing social research at a think tank or policy institute. If I was being completely honest though, the degree is a way to ensure I'm don't have to go back home after. And I'm not sure that's the right reason or even if it'll work. But thanks anyway!
  3. I've always been interested in cultures and issues like race relations, immigration and so I am seriously looking at social policy. Can I ask where you enrolled? Thank you everyone for the replies! They're much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I graduated from my bachelors (BA in Social Sciences) in 2013. When I graduated I was very confused about what I wanted to do, so I decided to move home and work for a before applying for Masters. I took a job in market (qualitative) research about a month after graduating - mostly because of a general interest in culture and human psychology. I stuck around for 2 years because I was told it wouldn't look good if I left earlier, but by the end of it I was sure I did not want to make it a career. I then went into brand consulting, but left after 8 months because the place I worked at was not well managed at all - there were frequent (very) late nights, having to do work that I did not have the skills for and lack of proper training and poor management meant that I was absolutely burnt out by the end of those 8 months. So I quit without another job in hand or a back up plan, which they say you should never do, and took 2 months to just recuperate. I then (on a whim, really) applied for an internship at a think tank in my city where I worked on the website and editorial team - collecting and creating content. I enjoyed this much more than my previous 2 jobs (I think I just liked the people I was working with much more). At this point, aware that I had already worked at 3 different places, I began to feel the pressure to commit to a field of study for my Masters, so I "chose" public policy, even though I haven't actually worked in a policy research think tank and am still not 100% sure I'm passionate about the subject. I am now looking to apply for Masters in Public Policy for fall 2018. To fill my time until then, as I realize most places will not hire someone just for a year, nor do I want to get into the rigmarole of settling into a full time job, I am looking to apply for policy research internships. However, this will mean that I have worked at 4 different places in as many years. How bad will this look on my application? Will universities be wary and think my application looks scattered and confused based on all the different places I have worked? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you!