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  1. Hi Meg, I would say that the programs that tend to draw the largest number of applicants have substantive performance studies components. Those programs tend to draw (and place) students from programs outside of theatre since PS has so many entryways in. I think there are great programs (CUNY, Maryland, Washington, so many more) that focus on archival theatre history
  2. My program isn't accepting any applicants this year, so I hope that my presence isn't considered an intrusion. When I hosted a convening of PhD program directors in Theatre and Performance Studies at 2018, I created a survey asking several questions, including about applicant pool. Across the field, our programs average about 25 applications. Now this varies widely and some of the most applied to schools (Brown, NYU, Stanford) will see somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 applications, while some schools with less robust funding (not guaranteed or guaranteed for three years) may only r
  3. The most succinct answer (albeit a tiny bit reductive) is that NW IPTD studies play texts and performances, whereas performance studies considers performance and performance ethnography (in the Conquergoodian sense) that is open to a wider scope of projects.
  4. Like many of my colleagues, I begin to receive emails from prospective applicants for our January deadline. If you're thinking about a PhD program in the field, now is a good time to start. For those of you who may be looking a programs, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind. There are only 36 PhD Theatre & Performance Studies programs in the United States so hopefully you'll find a program that's right for you! 1. Think about your interests and how they match up with the interests of university faculties. You may or may not have a clear idea of a dissertation to
  5. Hi All I'm so sorry to be lax on these responses. I forgot my log in info and couldn't access the site. It won't happen again DirectorsCoffee- If you're interested in visiting Tufts, reach out to me at my email noe.montez@tufts.edu and I would be happy to work with my graduate assistant to set up a visit. We can't afford to pay for anyone's visit before we offer admission, but we can find graduate students who will let you crash on their couch and try to do other things to minimize your costs. We accept applicants for the PhD program with MAs/MFAs in a variety of programs.
  6. Hi I'm Noe Montez, Director of the PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at Tufts. There seems to be a lot of questions and a lack of transparency in the graduate admissions process. I have been reviewing PhD applications for six years and wanted to create a space where I could answer any questions that you might have about the application and admissions process. The best way to make good application decisions is to make sure that people prepare the strongest applications possible. So as you prepare application materials, feel free to ask questions you may have about how graduate faculty read
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