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  1. NATO Internship

    Thanks!! Don't give up! Probably, this is because the division proposed me the different starting date and they asked me if I can confirm it. I am sure that the process is still on the way
  2. NATO Internship

    Hi. My application has been selected. As my starting date has changed to March instead of September, the internship stuff wrote me that the final offer letter will be send out in the next weeks.
  3. NATO Internship

    Hi. I just reviewed all my application status and I saw that one position that I was shortlisted for is now: Application Not Shortlisted. The other two (I was shortlisted for three) is still: application shortlisted. Maybe smth changed for you as well.
  4. NATO Internship

    I have been shortlisted for 3 positions. 2 of them in defence investment division and one - defence policy and planning division.
  5. NATO Internship

    How did you give a feedback for them? Cuz I just pressed the "confirm" button.
  6. NATO Internship

    Did you guys get the e-mail today? I got two empty and one saying about my application progress. I checked out and I have been shortlisted to three divisions. My domain - defence.