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  1. NATO Internship

    I sent an email to the internship office asking for clarifications about my application more than a month ago and I still haven't heard back from them so..
  2. NATO Internship

    I know! I was shortlisted back in June for an Arms control position and nothing has changed yet. The rest of the positions are still "submitted". September is just around the corner so I guess it's just a matter of days.
  3. NATO Internship

    Same here!
  4. NATO Internship

    nope, nothing's changed for me yet. this is exhausting..
  5. NATO Internship

    hey guys, how do you know they're shortlisting now?
  6. NATO Internship

    If I may ask, what position were you interviewed for?
  7. NATO Internship

    I have no idea, I was shortlisted in June but haven't heard from them yet.
  8. NATO Internship

    I don't know about ESC, but I was wondering the same thing about PASP.
  9. NATO Internship

    hey guys, so i was checking my applications page (shocker) in the "Review communications" section and i noticed that except for the first two positions i applied for (IMS operations - "application received" and Arms control and co-ordination - "application updated"), the rest of them are empty? it looks like they haven't even received my application. can you check your application page and tell me if it's the same for you? thanks!
  10. NATO Internship

    bachelor degree in foreign languages and literature + master's degree in european and international studies + i wrote my thesis on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the need for a nuclear ban (i don't know how much this weighed in the selection but yeah). I also did an internship at the Mission of my country to the UN in Geneva, in the disarmament office. so, as a natural consequence, my first sub-domain of choice was Arms control and disarmament What's your background?
  11. NATO Internship

    yep I was, but I don't know about the other positions. depends on the sub-domains I suppose!
  12. NATO Internship

    I think most divisions still have to shortlist the candidates. I was shortlisted June 21 for Arms control and co-ordination, but that's just one division!
  13. NATO Internship

    So these are the divisions that have already shortlisted their candidates (according to this forum): Arms control and co-ordination Cyber defense Communication and information Has anyone been shortlisted for other divisions?
  14. NATO Internship

    Spring 2018, you?
  15. NATO Internship

    I was shortlisted for one position in June and I still haven't gotten in touch with NATO