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  1. University of Florida and Bowling Green State University
  2. I'm applying to my MA institution to teach Freshman composition full-time (which I have been doing part-time during my stay here), and that will at least keep me within the academy. In addition to that, I plan on going to as many conferences as possible and hoping to get another reputable publication before the next application round deadline. Considering your areas of interest, how committed to English programs are you? Duke's Literature program is stellar and Brown's Modern Media and Culture program equally so. There are a lot of inter-disciplinary programs out there (including Cultural Studies programs) that obviously do not require the English subject test and would seemingly be able to facilitate your areas of interest--especially if you're centrally invested in theory and cultural practice. Good luck to you next time around!
  3. Anyone else still waiting to hear back from a program--especially if you were waitlisted?
  4. I'll be there! I'm presenting Saturday morning on Deleuze and Guattari and cyberspace. We should definitely get together.
  5. Just as a shot in the dark: did anyone in this forum get an acceptance to Stony Brook Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature? And if so, are you planning on attending or declining? I am waitlisted and, as the clock winds down, am growing increasingly anxious. Thanks--and congrats to the admits!
  6. To those accepted: do you plan on attending or declining? I am waitlisted and, as the clock winds down, I am growing increasingly anxious. Thanks--and congrats to the admits!
  7. Edelweiss--would you mind sharing your sub-field? Thanks!
  8. I think there are quite a few people who are anxious to hear about University of Florida. Any news in that direction?
  9. I agree with that line of logic. We should remain optimistic over the course of the next few weeks, or at least until we get an official rejection. Good luck to all!
  10. Thanks for letting us know! It is, indeed, rather considerate of you. You must have received quite an offer from somewhere else. ; ) Congrats!
  11. Are most people being told their relative place on the waitlist? I'm a little concerned by how many people are "pretty high" or "quite high" or "near the top," etc. Does anyone have any info. on about how many initial offers went out?
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