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  1. I received an email from sti-tec stating that uploads of transcripts with the seal and signature are acceptable, so I just did that for one of my institutions. Hopefully, that does not cause a problem.
  2. Any new updates on this? I messaged STI-TEC about their website security and received no response.
  3. Yes, part of me is already missing ASEE. I guess I will shoot STI-TEC a message/email tomorrow asking about the website security. I will probably not put any personal information on there until the issue is resolved.
  4. I was looking at the new website for the NDSEG this year when I noticed that it isn't secure. On the page to create a new application, Chrome even tells you as much in the url bar. Anyone know what's going on? I guess I'll hold off doing anything for the moment and email them if need be. On a related note, I see that ASEE is not managing the applications this year. Will that affect the process at all? Does anyone have any experience applying to fellowships handled by "STI-TEC"? Thanks!
  5. I am looking to apply for the NDSEG fellowship this year, but I am seeing conflicting reports on how strongly they weight the military importance of one's research. My work is in (theoretical) gravitational waves, which is pretty far removed from national defense. However, I have heard a few times that the DoD does like to support fundamental physics. Still, I looked through the list of topics on the Army and Navy research pages and could not immediately tie anything into what I do. Any tips? Is there a good way to "sell" my research, or should I just accept that my chances are
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