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  1. My two cents. MPP/MPA can be really heavy in quant, especially stats and economics (Harris told me this on my visit). I don't think they'll fault you too much if you can come up with a solid explanation as to why your GPA was low and why it shouldn't affect your admission decision (that's what I did). I took two stats courses, one calc, one finite, and at least five other quant heavy courses in undergrad, but what a lot of these programs are is stats and econ. Learn how to run regressions (it really isn't too bad, plus you scored well on the quant section of the GRE), how to data min
  2. @sarahlivia One of the current students I talked to said that their trip to Sweden was fully paid for by the program; I'm just going off of their word, but they could be wrong. I think it'd be odd if they required you to pay extra to do a mandatory part of the program. I've also been incredibly impressed by how cordial and helpful everyone at Watson has been so far. Nearly all the faculty I reached out to during the application process responded quickly and jumped at the idea of helping me out. Needless to say it made me feel very welcome! Are you going to accept the offer?
  3. Was accepted early action in late January; very happy considering it was far and away my number one choice. Also got a low financial aid package but I am fortunate enough where that is not an issue. Shocked considering I'm straight from undergrad with a 2.87 GPA through three years of undergrad, but had a 3.5 in my major/minor which was very highly ranked and is quant heavy so maybe that helped. Also had 157/153/5.0 GRE scores on one attempt. I believe I had really strong essays and LORs that probably more than made up for my GPA, so I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. If
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