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  1. When do programs usually begin, like is there a typical month across the board? I know specific dates are school-specific but just a general idea of the month would be helpful!
  2. I made a similar spreadsheet as the one above but also calculated the total cost of the program and living expenses for each program as well to see the total number. Of course I also compared funding, distance from home, apartment cost, gas cost, weather (tornadoes, snow, hurricanes)...more so the logistics rather than the attributes of the program! It helped me really decide where I could see myself LIVING not just what program I liked the most.
  3. They have spring break this week, so it should be the first half of next week!
  4. When you decline an acceptance or withdraw from a waitlist what is appropriate to say in the email/how are you phrasing it?
  5. It's definitely a contender. What about for you? I'm thinking its probably going to be group interviews so that is a little nerve racking
  6. Yes, thank you!! I just wanted to make sure I didn't overlook it. Are you planning on going?
  7. I also studied French! I don't think there's too many of us who chose that language and to go into this field so it's exciting to find kind of a familiar face. Good luck to you and congrats on your interview!!
  8. Hey!! Has anyone that received an invitation to Auburn's Interview Day gotten any more information about it?
  9. Hey! So excited to get to go through this process with all of you, it makes the waiting a little less stressful. I saw a lot of you have applied to Nova Southeastern and I was wondering if any of you could find out how they allocate student funding and scholarship. I know some schools offer some kind of full tuition scholarship to one student a year and half to another or something similar. I couldn't find any of this out by researching or calling but I thought maybe some of you would have had better luck? Thank you!!
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