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  1. OP here. Tks for the answers! minimum scores in Econ are in the 160s... some times 165s... but only for the math part. Verbal either has no minimum scores or minimum scores are lower. I also don´t see any written essay proficiency explicit targets. Are Toefl official results available? The website says 10 - 15 days. And then they cite additional 15 days for results to arrive by mail. Are official results available online and accepted by schools, or will I need to account for time for the mail to arrive? So my current plan is: a) Take the 1st GRE on Oct 10th b ) Tke the TOEFEL late Oct (25th to 30th) c) travel to the US in Nov. Finish applications from the US. Do a "road show", talking to profs about research ideas and a unique dataset I have constructed (I know undergrads aren´t supposed to do this. But bear in mind have worked for 9 years at a policy/research institute and have a Master in Econ from the top school in my country). Hopefully, by then I will not need to worry about GRE anymore. d) If GRE is insufficient, then retake it on Nov 10th (assuming I can book that by mid Oct (which is more then 21 days in advance but will depend on availability) Is it possible to pre-book a 2nd exam date? Will that mean having to pay for two exams? I see that refund policy is that you get 50% back if you cancel 4 days before the exam.
  2. I am starting today to study for the GRE, aiming at a PHD in Economics or Public policy in a Top 20 US school. I have a busy schedule: work 40hrs a week and have two kids. I have never taken the exam. I will try to study for 2 hrs a day (I don´t think I can release much more time) following the Magoosh materials and Magoosh 2 month preparation schedule. Application deadlines for Economics seem to be on Dec 1st and require final official GRE results by that date. I am now wondering if I should schedule the exam in: a) Oct 10th in time for a retake in Nov if necessary or Nov 7th (I just found out there is no availability at later dates in Oct where I live (Brasilia, Brazil)) Pros and cons: Option a) gives me less time to study (8 weeks) but the chance to retake Option gives me more time to study (12 weeks) but not time to retake what would you advise me? A more administrative question: If I were to decide, on Oct 10th, to retake the exam, would there be still available examination slots for Nov 7-10 (in time for Oficial results to be included in the Dec 1st application) at major US cities (Boston, Washington-DC, LA)? Or even at those larger evaluation centers there will not be available seats?
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