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  1. Well, this process has been utterly insane, but this morning I officially accepted at Brown University. I definitely did not anticipate this result. I walked into my callback last weekend 95% certain that I would be attending Columbia next year, as it had been my top choice for years... I didn't know a lot about Brown when I applied, and the main reason I applied is that I was focused on trying to get back to the East Coast, and I had really liked Brian Mertes when I met him in 2015. When the process started, Brown was probably on the lower end of my list. But wow... this program. I
  2. Whew, sorry for the radio silence—I’ve been catching up on life. I heard back and got into Columbia!! I haven’t accepted because I’m heading to Brown this weekend to check out their program and see if it’s a good fit—they just switched to a fully-funded model and their callback weekend has a really interesting structure. Rejected from Yale, but not feeling too bad about it since I think ultimately it might not be the best fit, and am friends with the folks who got in, so am really stoked for them! Congrats @MadamDirector and @E. Karenina!!! I’m so excited for you ?
  3. @MadamDirector and @E. Karenina CONGRATS! I'm so happy for both of you!!! I don't know much about BU, but I've heard amazing things about UMASS from a friend of mine who attended! Excited for both you
  4. Still no word from Yale, so I think that’s a no for me, since one of my friends heard a Yes last Thursday. I think I’m honestly too much of a radical for Yale, and am confident that it isn’t the right place for me if they say no. My top choice was always Columbia, so my fingers are crossed! I pulled my applications from Northwestern and UCSD last week because even though I’m a finalist for both, the fit doesn’t seem m right. NU just isn’t progressive enough for me, and after spending so much time on the East Coast lately, I realized I really don’t want to spend 3 years in San Diego. I di
  5. @E. Karenina — if it helps, getting a few interviews and then being rejected from grad school during my first year that I applied was the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time, it felt awful, but in the past two years I’ve made the best work of my career and now I understand why grad school is the right choice for me. I think, at the time, I was so concerned with “Will they like me?” and trying to impress them that I forgot that I was a smart and desirable candidate with a lot to offer. I made my application about THEM, not about ME. I think one of the reasons I’ve been do
  6. @E. Karenina you’re gonna KILL IT. Good luck!!!
  7. @per4mance my good friend is one if their callbacks, but has a major conflict that weekend and might not be able to go. I also received a callback with Brown, but I’ve decided that if I hear a yes from Yale before then that I’ll give up my slot to someone else. So, uh, fingers crossed? ? Just wrapped up my Northwestern interview about an hour ago, it was really awesome, but I’m utterly exhausted — it’s been 2 long days of information, meeting people, and talking. I also had an *intense* UCSD interview yesterday over Skype in the middle of my Northwestern callback—I really like how deeply
  8. @MadamDirector that's awesome! I've heard great things about BU -- I'm glad to hear you had a great time
  9. @Theater Maker that’s awesome! A friend of mine just heard the same from Northwestern too! When is yours? I just got an email from UCSD a few hours ago, and it sounds like they’re adding interviews too!
  10. @forestofarden -- good luck with your top school! We didn't get the chance to do anything during the Columbia weekend except hustle hustle hustle. We were all terribly burnt out by the end of it. Just heading back from SF for the Brown interview. I was surprised there were only 3 people there! Last time I interviewed with Brown in SF (2 years ago), there were about 14 people at that group interview. I wonder if they got fewer submissions or just fewer people who were interested. Either way, sending good vibes your way @per4mance!
  11. Whew! The Columbia audition was exhausting but a total blast. I feel really confident with the work I did. If I don’t get in, then it truly wasn’t meant to be. Yale: just got a call on Friday for an audition the weekend of the 17th/18th. They said they’d potentially be calling folks through tomorrow. UCSD: I emailed the contact today and she said interview requests went out last week, so I’m guessing that’s a no. I thought UCSD and CMU were my strongest applications so it’s interesting to see that those are both no’s, whereas schools I thought were reaches are offering me interviews
  12. OMG @Theater Maker I didn't see that you got a callback from CMU! Congrats!!! Also @per4mance congrats on your CalArts callback and @E. Karenina and @MadamDirector congrats on your UMass callbacks! Yay so much success in one thread! @Curio, I'll see you this weekend at Columbia! AAAh. You're gonna kill it. I'll be the person with the teal hair and red converses -- say hi!
  13. @MadamDirector I'm in tech the last weekend of the month, but I am super hooked up to the Seattle theater scene here and would love to meet up and totally give you the deets! I'm just dramaturging, so I'll have some flexibility! Could potentially introduce you to some folks. LMK
  14. @Theater Maker -- I say "2nd round" because it's the full interview weekend for 3-4 days. Neither Northwestern or Columbia did a first round interview with me, they both just scheduled me for the callback interview.
  15. @MadamDirector fingers crossed that you hear from Northwestern! It would be fun to do an interview weekend with you and put a person to the username!
  16. @E. Karenina Also got a CMU rejection email. I thought I actually nailed this interview, but they're looking for really specific candidates, and Caden seems kind of like a piece of work, so I'm not particularly upset. I got a 2nd round interview with Northwestern -- they emailed this morning. I'm going to NY for my 2nd round with Columbia this weekend - anyone here going to be there? I am excruciatingly nervous. Nothing but tumbleweeds from UCSD...
  17. @MadamDirector, the ONLY reason I'm not applying to UW is that I've been living in Seattle 5-6 years already and am trying to move out to the East Coast to be nearer my family. Val is an INCREDIBLE teacher, and some of the most valuable advice I've ever received has been from her. She holds back no punches. Had my CMU interview with Caden today. I felt really prepped for it, even though Skype is atrocious. Still haven't heard anything from UCSD and Northwestern, but those are the only two I'm waiting to hear from.
  18. Had my Yale interview. That was intense. I felt pretty great about it afterwards, but now I'm picking it apart. The one topic that keeps coming up is that "I don't seem to need graduate school" since my career is going well -- this feels like a pretty tricky thing to navigate. I don't want other people deciding what's best for my career after only speaking to me for an hour...
  19. @MadamDirector, so glad you had a great interview! It must be a relief to get through it
  20. Is it weird that I haven't heard from CMU yet? I was under the impression that they scheduled interviews with everyone first round, but I haven't heard anything. I was thinking of reaching out to them, but maybe I just need to practice some patience...
  21. Got an email today from Columbia for the 2-day audition in NY this Feb. I hadn't realized they didn't do first round interviews. Anyone else going to be at that session? I'm pretty nervous!
  22. Got my call from Yale today as well!
  23. Oooooooh boy. Anyone else have a pounding headache right now? Got my Columbia and Yale apps in last Thursday, and I feel half dead. My UCSD application is almost done. I'm also applying to Brown, Northwestern, UW, and CMU. I'm on the fence about DePaul because honestly I don't know that I have the bandwidth to write ALL THOSE DAMN ESSAYS. I feel lame for pulling my application for that reason, but with as many projects as I have going on, I have no idea how I'd manage it. How's the fight ya'll?
  24. Hey folks! I just cracked my knuckles this morning, and decided to get started on my 2018 grad school apps. I didn't apply last year because I was opening a show early February and couldn't manage the workload, but applied for fall 2016 to Yale, Brown, Columbia, Calarts, and CMU. Got interviews with Brown, Calarts, and CMU. This year, I'm currently considering Columbia, Brown, UCSD, UW, Northwestern, Yale, and CalArts. Other schools that seem interesting, but I'm not sure about applying to: UMass Amherst, Penn State, UT Austin, DePaul So what's up with you?
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