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  1. Art history PhD programs w/ focus on theory

    Hi Guys Thank you for such useful information! Was recovering from my first attempt at the GRE (retaking in October to boost my quantative a little more). I've been thinking a lot about area of focus and with a background of growing up in a former british colony I would like to focus on other former british colonies so either Africa/African diaspora or South Asia/South Asian diaspora. I have 8 years of french education but its pretty rusty right now, I had to read some french academic texts during my senior thesis research and while it wasn't like reading English, I could do it. Another reason for wanting to go straight into a phd program is funding. I've been attempting to see through all the opaqueness that surrounds funding in grad school and I dont think I can afford to take on more debt which seems likely if I go into an MA route first. Do you guys know MA programs that are fully funded? Bard Grad Centre looked really promising in terms of what I'm interested in but I'm guessing it'll be VERY expensive.
  2. Art history PhD programs w/ focus on theory

    I'm focusing on Art History because I love finding ways to clarify and bridge the abstract world of theory with material culture as well as the positions that museums have in opening up knowledge to a general audience. For that reason I really am hoping to find a school where interdisciplinary studies is welcomed. Berkeley was on my list but tbh I am not sure about language requirements and getting into their PhD programs without knowing what kind of language I should learn right now. My guess is that German will be the most useful language for me to learn but I'm not sure. In the same respect I am unsure what area of the world I want to work in. That being said African/African diaspora, the Caribbean and South Asian areas are really something I am fascinated with in terms of locations dealing with coloniality and especially in terms of the impact on gender/sexuality through that colonial history.
  3. Art history PhD programs w/ focus on theory

    Hi modmuse Thank you so much for your response. The main reason I'm looking into going directly into a PhD program is that I'm in my late 20s already and my advisors have told me that I don't want to graduate too late with an advanced degree for fear of age discrimination in the job market. That being said I will start doing research into MA programs as backups too so thank you for the advice. Oh I was also wondering how important the math section of the GRE is for these programs?
  4. Hi there! Long time lurker but now that I'm actually applying to grad schools this fall I felt the need to come out of the shadows. I just graduated from a well respected small liberal arts college (east coast) with a BA in Art History and Studio Arts. All of my professors in Art History want me to apply to PhD programs in the field (each with their own unique opinions on where to go etc) and I frankly love academia and hope to teach/curate someday. So I'm taking the GRE this week and currently am focusing on trying to get good verbal/written scores for that. My interest is in postcolonial diasporic visual culture(s) (especially queer art) through intersecting lenses of postcolonial theory, critical race theory, gender/sexuality/queer theory. I wrote my undergrad thesis on Yinka Shonibare and wax print textiles and plan to use one of my chapters as a writing sample. Right now I am considering the following schools - Yale (Kobena Mercer (a major fan)/school of British art), Harvard (Sarah Lewis, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth (feminist theory), Homi Bhabha (post colonial theory and the backbone of my thesis)), Columbia (Kellie Jones, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (postcolonial studies), UCLA (George Baker (critical theory), Steven Nelson, frankly the whole experimental critical theory department). That's it for now but still researching. I am deeply indebted to theoretical approaches from other disciplines (obviously comp lit is the home of post colonial studies). My question is what is a good home for someone like me? My dream really is Yale because of Mercer but I'm very open. Thanks!