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  1. Hey guys, I am hopeful to accumulate information on take-home pay at Canadian institutions with a focus on science departments, but anything is interesting! I'm looking for 1. if there is a guaranteed stipend and what it is and 2. if the institution cancels funding if you receive external awards (OGS, NSERC, QEII etc). I looked at the database that was previously posted but not many canadian institutions are listed.... E.g... (real numbers) Carleton University - Biology, PhD Guaranteed income/year Teaching Assistantship - 2 semesters = $10,672 RAship = $4800 (Cancelled if external funding received) "Domestic Student Scholarship" = $6-7k/year Typical PhD income in Biology = $21500-$22000 per year Entrance scholarships =~$3-5k but given in first year enrolled Tuition with all additional costs (health insurance, Upass, newspaper, gym, etc. Upass = $200/semester, health insurance = $388 for Fall and Winter) Fall = $3800 Winter = $3000 Summer = $3200 Typical PhD tuition in Biology = ~$10,000 Total guaranteed take home wage with no external funding = ~$12,000
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