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  1. Jeffrey0529

    Music School decision Help.

    I am going to apply Music graduate school this year. Major Piano performance. But hard to decide which school I should apply. If I have to get rid of four or five, which one should I remove of the list? Which school is most competitive, difficult to get in to? Or any recommend? These are the list of school I am considering. 1. Colburn Conservatory 2. University of Cincinnati 3. Rice University 4. University of Texas Austin 5. Johns Hopkins (Peobody) 6. University of Iowa 7. Ohio state University 8. Eastman School of Music 9. Arizona State University 10. Michigan State University Please answer it for me.
  2. Jeffrey0529

    Help me to decide Audition repertoire

    Piano major and planning to go graduate school master program. Need to choose one more audition repertoire which is (Impressionistic or contemporary work and 20 or 21 century composition at the same time) Anyone knows or has idea, please share with me. And one more question, Is Piano Sonata in E minor, Op.7 (Edvard Grieg) regarded as Romantic work? Thank you.
  3. Okay. Thanks. Even if UTH SPH is unranked, Still UTH SPH is better than UIC? On that US news rank, UT Houston indicates UTH SPH or GSBS UTH? One more question, I got admission MS biostatistics from University of Florida, Rutgers too. Then do you think which school is better among those three, UF, UTH SPH and Rutgers?
  4. I got into the MS Biostatistics programs at UT SPH, UIC(University of Illinois at Chicago). Unfortunately, both no funding. I need help deciding which one to choose. Are these different school UT SPH(University of Texas Health Science Center) and GSBS UTH? Biostat1. Harvard, Hopkins, Washington4. UNC5. Michigan6. Berkeley7. Minnesota, Wisconsin9. Columbia, UCLA, UT MD Anderson12. Penn, Yale14. Emory15. Brown, Duke, Vanderbilt18. BU, UC Davis20. Florida, Iowa, Rochester, UT Houston24. Medical College of Wisconsin25. Illinois Chicago26. Case Western27. Colorado Denver28. Massachusetts Amherst29. South Carolina, SUNY Buffalo31. Kansas, Alabama33. SUNY Albany, Cincinnati, VCU According to US News rank, It seems like UT Houston over Illinois Chicago. If anybody can share their insights about the program, and also about the job scenario in Houston or Chicago then it would be really helpful.

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