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  1. I thought I'd add my programs applied and results: UCSB Bren MESM - waiting on decision (someone posted a result on March 3, 2018 for MESM so looks like a decision is imminent) UC Boulder MENV - Accepted (Feb 26) The New School MS Enviro Policy/Sustainability Mgmt - waiting on decision BARD College MA in Climate Science/Policy - Accepted (Feb 7) George Washington University MA in Enviro Resource Policy - Accepted (Feb 14) At this point just waiting on a decision from Bren before making a decision. Between Bren and GW for me.
  2. Hello, I would appreciate thoughts regarding graduate school decisions/comments from people in the same boat. Interested in environmental policy and potentially private sector consulting or NGO work. Accepted to: GWU - Environmental Resource Policy, Trachtenberg School ($10k/year fellowship) Still waiting on a decision from UCSB Bren MESM. Obviously this could all be for nothing depending on decision from Bren, but going into this process I regarded UCSB Bren as my #1 choice due to program respect in the environmental field, location (Santa Barbara sounds nice), etc. Howe
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