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  1. Yes, I studied short poems of this and that poets in class (Yeats, Shakespeare, Blake, Elliot). But I would say it is far from being a comprehensive study. My undergraduate professor are generally more well-acquainted with Derrida than with Shakespeare, so to speak. What I know about English poetry I got more from my own reading than their lectures. I feel encouraged by your post. Thanks. Do you have any specific MA program in mind where I can feel the taste of Vendler's class?
  2. Thank you for your answer, @hj2012! To respond the points you raise. On the question of funding: I am not planning to pay for myself; I plan to apply for a government scholarship (Fulbright (US), LPDP (Indonesia), Chevening (UK)). As to the question of choosing MA instead of PhD: in Indonesia (where I come from), it is not the norm that one continues directly to a PhD program without having a terminal MA first. However, I want an MA not because I have a herd mentality; rather, because my undergraduate program does not prepare me for a direct PhD--likely as the result of the said norm. To
  3. I am looking for several target universities in the US/UK to pursue my master degree in English, specifically focusing on poetry and poetics. My problem: I don’t know which university will suit me. To give you a picture of what I am looking for: I long to study under Helen Vendler of Harvard University. (Harvard doesn't offer MA in English and continuing directly to a Ph.D is still out of my reach. Thus, I will have to postpone this dream.) What this means is that I want to study poetry mainly in its aesthetic aspects (e.g. what makes a particular poem interesting, what makes a poem well-
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