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  1. Oh good for you!! Are you competing for the communication officer position?
  2. Hello! Anybody received news from WFP in the past month???
  3. Radio silence for me too...so the other day I sent them an email email, and they told me that they are still in the process of finalizing the evaluation of the HireVue (video) interviews. I guess we just have to wait a bit longer...
  4. When did you take the video interview?? I took mine in August and NOTHING yet!! They are soooo slow!
  5. Hi Jason, Regarding the video interview...it was done thru an online software, and basically they ask you 3 basic questions: one motivational, and 2 competency based questions. In my case they asked me to speak about a time when i had a challenging situation at work, and the last one was to speak about a time when i encountered a setback at work.
  6. I took the written exam for Comms on 31 May and still nothing....so if you took yours only 2 weeks ago, you can relax... ? I don't know why it's taking them so long!!
  7. still nothing?? radio silence on my side! #Weird
  8. Hi! I took the exam for the P3 comms officer. Have you heard since the exam?
  9. Hi there! Anyone out there who is going through the selection process for the WFP FIT Pool?
  10. Just received my rejection letter! Happy new year yall!...and good luck!
  11. Thanks and congrats! I guess this means we are out of our references haven’t been contacted.
  12. Hahahah true. At least we can drink to forget!!
  13. Though it’s just @erpayo who got his reference check and still he didn’t get any signal from NETI. I’m afraid they’ll notify us next week and ruin our xmas break! Hehehe
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