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  1. I was able to take the GRE subject test on standby this past Saturday! I might start a new thread on this for anyone who's in a similar situation, but for now, I'll just post it here. I purposely went to the testing center with the lowest population nearby but which was still within a reasonable proximity to my location. The reason being, when I called ETS, the woman on the phone advised me that the testing centers in lower population areas tend to have more availability. This turned out to be wholly true, and I was, in fact, the only standby test taker at the center I attended in New Jer
  2. Thanks for your input. I'm relieved to hear the whole standby thing is a regular occurrence. Nevertheless, I am still anxious about it. I will definitely try to call the testing centers and see which one accommodates the most people. If I get screwed over and end up not being able to take the math GRE, it looks like I'll be applying to mostly psychology programs. Regardless of what happens, I will post back here after the 28th to update as to how the standby testing situation went. It looks like this is a question which all too often goes unanswered on the Internet.
  3. So, here's the deal. I'm signed up for the regular GRE in a few weeks. I've taken a couple practice tests and I'm fairly confident my score for both Verbal and Quant will be in the range of 165-168. My GPA is currently 3.93 and I don't anticipate it changing significantly in my final semester (I'm graduating in December). My undergraduate degree is in mathematics, but I have no significant research experience. I anticipate I can get one excellent letter of recommendation, one pretty good, and one decent. I am applying to several phd programs in both Mathematics and Psychology (I have a strong
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