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  1. Hi all, I have been going back and forth about my options to go back to school. I'm a self taught painter (went to school for a BS in business and technology) and have been taking atelier classes. I know the basics but I know that I would benefit from some more professional training. My goal is to get an MFA but I feel that I need more schooling and crit before I can confidently apply. Does anyone know if there are funding/scholarship options for post-bacc or certificate in fine arts? The program that I'm interested is king of expensive. I could apply for scholarships but I'm afraid
  2. Hi all! I graduated in '16 with a Bachelors in Science in Business and IT. When I was first looking at schools, I was interested in pursuing an art degree but my immigrant parents heavily influenced my decision to pursue a technical/business degree. Long story short, my grades were barely high enough to graduate. After graduation, I miraculously landed a job with a large software company and relocated cities. After some time, I moved to New York ( a city I always wanted to live in) and began painting while still working my job remotely. The experience of being surrounded by like mind
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