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  1. I'm confused as well, but that's what it sounds like! Students I've talked to so far said that we can casually sit in on lab meetings and meet with students and PIs throughout the semester, but there is no formal labwork being done until you choose a group. I didn't realize that was an unusual system, but I also have very little experience with this kind of thing, hence why I asked here. But you're right, I should try to meet more current grad students and try to understand the program more.
  2. I did meet a few grad students on recruitment weekend, but none of them had the fellowship that I do, so they all had TAships the first semester. I also won't officially choose a PI until December, so I won't have a lab to be in. I'm just struggling to see what I'm supposed to be spending all my time on.
  3. Hi, this is my first post on thegradcafe so bear with me. I recently committed to Temple University to start pursuing a PhD in physical chemistry in the fall. I also received a presidential fellowship that means I get an increased stipend and only need to work as a TA or RA for 2.5 out of the 5 years. Therefore, I am not planning to work as a TA my first semester. From what I've found online, Temple suggests you take two 3-credit electives and a 1-credit "Teaching in Higher Ed" course while teaching. Since I don't have to work as a TA, should I take more than that? I'm used to taking a full load of courses and working 3 jobs in undergrad, so I like to be busy. Also, I was looking at course offerings for next semester and it seems like a majority of the classes I could/would like to take are only offered at night. Is this typical for a full-time PhD program? It seemed odd, since you're strongly discouraged from having another job. Lastly, can anyone who has had this kind of schedule tell me how you managed your time? In my first semester, I won't officially be in a group yet, so I won't have my own office. Do you just bounce around between libraries and cafes to work during the day until your classes at night? How much time do you spend on campus? Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just not sure what to anticipate. Thank you!
  4. Received my acceptance from Temple yesterday! I know it’s not a top program but the research really intrigues me and I got a very good package.
  5. Undergrad Institution: Small, private liberal arts collegeMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s): French, Mathematics and AstronomyGPA in Major: ~3.4, although my school doesn't calculate thisOverall GPA: 3.6Position in Class: -Type of Student: Domestic femaleGRE Scores:Q: 163 (85%)V: 163 (93%)W: 5.0 (93%)S: Chemistry to be reportedResearch Experience: 2 years research on metallic nanoparticles and their catalytic activity under an organic professor(I have no interest in organic, but my school has one chem research advisor and one biochem, so I had no choice), selected to present at a poster session at the national ACS conference in San Francisco last April.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Member of my school's honors college (rigorous Great Books program), member of Sigma Zeta Honors Society, Quaker Chemical Research Scholar, Summer research scholar at my own school. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Lab prep assistant freshman year, Gen Chem TA the past two years, chemistry tutor, president of my school's ACS Student Chapter for 3 years.Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: I think it's all been covered. Special Bonus Points: Some connections? I've been in contact (back and forth email) with a professor from UPenn whose research I am very interested in; my advisor is close friends with the associate dean of the college of science at Temple and we will likely meet within the next few weeks. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Two very solid rec letters from Chemistry professors (one was my research advisor and the other I TA'ed for), one good rec letter from a physics professor who likes me but we are less familiar. Applying to Where:Princeton- Physical chem UPenn-Physical chem Temple- Physical chem Drexel- Physical chem USciences (maybe? I've heard weird things about USciences & their deadline is in march)- Physical chem UDel- Physical chem Staying in the Philadelphia tri-state area is more important to me than applying to the best schools.
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