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  1. I'm not really concerned with selectivity - I think a lot of this could be fixed by getting everyone on the same page in prep - if the prep program was expanded a few weeks it would make this a lot easier. The fact that there IS a prep program for math/English is encouraging, but there ought to be some way to get students with no polisci/govt/law/geopol/history classes caught up as well. I would have even been happy taking a few summer undergrad courses to get caught up and ready for GPS. I agree there are some impressive students, I just hope we don't lose a lot of them here after the f
  2. Coming back to school after a long hiatus and I'm working at the same time part-time (I don't advise it - this isn't just any grad program - this is a nightmare). I'm past mid-terms now. I also did the prep-course this summer to help prepare for all of the bloody math we have to do (but it was a gigantic cram session - maybe they should just spread the fucking econ out over more than a bloody quarter?). The courses are punishing. It's very math heavy, which I HATE. The lectures are gawd-awful long and without breaks, and the professors seem to be dead set on blasting through everything at
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