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  1. I'm sorry, I haven't been on the forum that much these past 2 weeks so I just saw this now. This was amazingly helpful! Thank you so much I will definitely take this all into consideration! I really appreciate the advice!
  2. With interview weekends hopefully around the corner for those applying this cycle, does anyone have any advice on what kinds of questions to ask current graduate students as well as faculty? What are good expectations to have going into one of these weekends, and what should we aim to get out of it? I'm just trying to get an idea of things to ask so that I don't miss out on crucial information which I may end up needing when it comes to making final decisions.
  3. Just got an interview at Northwestern University - IBiS- Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences! They were super nice - did it over the phone good luck to everyone as we continue to wait to hear back from where we applied to
  4. I'm not sure how much being an international student will affect my chances at the programs I have applied to? Have I aimed too high? Undergrad Institution: Private liberal arts ranked ~34. Very strong science program. Strong research institutionMajor(s): Neuroscience; BiologyMinor(s): ChemistryGPA in Major: Around 3.85 - 3.9Overall GPA: 3.927Position in Class: Top 10%Type of Student: International, white, femaleGRE Scores (revised):Q: 163V: 163W: 4.5Research Experience: 3 years at the same lab at my school (13 hours/ wk during semesters, and 40 hours/ wk over all winter and summer breaks). Neuroscience/biology. One publication - 3rd author out of 6. Three poster presentations at science events.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Reward for undergraduate research in sophomore year (awarded to 1 biology major), national society of collegiate scholars, Dean's list all semesters (6/6 so far)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Teaching assistant for 3 intro biology classes, including a lab, for the past 2 years; volunteer tutor for high school students in science and math; undergraduate departmental representative for neuroscience for the past 2 years (peer mentor who also interacts with the faculty and department to organize events, etc)Special Bonus Points: Doing a 4 year combined BS/MS degree in Neuroscience, taken 8 graduate classes in biology and neuroscience, female, first generation college student, strong recommendationsAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: International student but attending a US institution for 4 years. Applying to Where: U.T. Southwestern medical center - Biological Sciences Umbrella Program Rockefeller University - Biomedical sciences - Mechanisms of Human Disease Duke - Cell and molecular biology Yale - Biological and Biomedical Sciences U. Michigan Ann Arbor - Molecular & Cellular Pathology Harvard - Division of medical sciences - BBS MIT - program in biology Northwestern University - IBiS- Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Columbia University - Integrated program in cellular, molecular, and biomedical studies Tufts (Sackler)- Cell, Molecular, and developmental biology Baylor college of medicine - Neuroscience
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