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  1. I have completed my application by the end of November and I am also an international student.
  2. I am so worried about my application it shows under review in the status. Are you international or domestic??
  3. Does anyone hear from University of Florida and University of Houston?
  4. Has anyone got acceptance to Purdue after the interview. I am quite worried been told by the professor who interviewed me that I’m the first person among international for interviews..I applied in organic chemistry..
  5. No this is different it’s just a Skype interview one of the criteria for admission process.
  6. I’m an international but did my masters in chemistry in United States
  7. I had an interview with one of the professors from Purdue. The format is pretty simple they ask us about the research background in details and what you accomplished with the research. Finally they mainly concentrate on communication skills for teaching. It lasted 15 min.
  8. Dr. Adam Wasserman, Physical chemistry
  9. I had an interview with one of the professor from Purdue university. Did anyone had interview with Purdue?
  10. Graduate Institution: Texas A&M University- Kingsville, Master's Major(s): ChemistryMinor(s): Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bachelors, IndiaGPA in Major: 3.75Overall GPA: 3.5Position in Class: 2Type of Student: International/MaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 154V: 141W: 2.5S: TOEFL Score: 97/120Research Experience: Working as Research chemist in Monsanto, United States from 2 years, 2 years of research experience while Master's program with three publications as first author in organic chemistry in Elsevier, Journal of Polymer Science, Royal Society of Chemistry. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Graduate Merit Scholarship, Robert A. Welch Foundation Chemistry Graduate Scholarship.Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Graduate Teaching Assistant- Organic Chemistry II- 2 years. Letter of Recommendations: Three good letters from professors from my graduate college. Applying to Where: Purdue University-Indiana- PhD- Chemistry Ohio State University- PhD- Chemistry University of Florida- PhD- Chemistry University of Houston- PhD- Chemistry Northwestern University- PhD- chemistry University of Texas Austin- PhD- Chemistry I already submitted my applications to all universities but little bit worried now. Any suggestions Is there any chance that I can get admit to one of the university listed above.
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