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  1. Is the person who did the BFA thesis advising within the field of your MFA? Are your former employers related to this MFA? Not exactly. I'm switching from one concentration (animation) to another (graphic design), but they're both still arts fields. The same goes for the other teacher I would be using as a reference. As for the employers: the particular job I was in wasn't directly related to design, but I did have occasional design-related duties. One of the supervisors I know I'm already using doesn't do anything related to design, but I worked with him extensively; the other supervisor is basically the design director, but I didn't work directly with her as much as the first guy. Unfortunately, I haven't contacted her at all since I left that job 1.5 years ago. (I really need to get better at this communication stuff.) I think in general, if a professor has shown hesitation, that's not a good sign. I tend to agree. My concern is that the other teacher might have the same hesitation. Since it's been so long, some of my other teachers have retired, too, and I don't know how to get ahold of them, or if it'd be appropriate. Thanks a lot for your input - you've given me some things to think about!
  2. I got my BFA 10 years ago this Spring, and have been almost entirely away from academia since then. I decided (unfortunately, sort of last-minute - the timing has never worked out until now) that I wanted to try applying to a specific MFA program this year, and because of how long I've been out of school, I'm concerned about professor recommendations. So far, I have 1 current teacher recommendation (I'm taking a class at community college in the field I'm looking to apply for), and 1 former employer (not really related to my field, but we had a long working relationship). My third recommendation was going to be from my BFA thesis advisor. She recently replied to my request email to say that while she'd be (tentatively, from the tone of the email) happy to do it, she recommends finding someone who is more familiar with my work, and with whom I have a more current relationship. (My tendency to not keep in touch with people is now biting me in the butt.) The problem is that aside from the 2 other recommendations, I don't really HAVE anyone that fits the bill. I'm not sure what to do in this case. So far, the options I can see are as follows: -Ask another former teacher with whom I had fewer classes, but have (sort of, ish? we're friends on Facebook?) kept in touch with more over the years -Ask another former supervisor at the same job as my other former employer, so I would have 2 employer recommendations from the same place -Go with this teacher and provide really thorough supplemental materials for the application -Is there something else I'm not thinking of, here? (Besides going back in time to deal with past-me's mistakes?) Advice is appreciated!
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