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  1. I'm really annoyed and frustrated right now because one of my LOR writers has gone MIA too. I first asked back in Sept. had all the info and registration for all schools to him by early Oct which was the last I heard from him saying he'll get right to it. I waited till the deadline was approaching in late Nov. and sent him reminders. Never heard back. I've sent him 2 additional emails since and nary a word back. Phone calls to his office goes to voicemail every time. They've already missed 3 of the deadlines and yes I know people have been saying that this isn't a big deal. But I read on another forum that some have already been notified of interviews from Cornell. This basically tells me that I've now got no chance at this school because my application was/is still incomplete so they probably didn't even look at it. He was the PI I did my undergrad research in so it's really important that I get his letter but now I'm wondering if I should just go search for a backup from a random prof. at this late date? I just don't get it. It seems so irresponsible to me. Now maybe life/emergencies or whatever is more important but how long does it take to write a one sentence email acknowledging that they've received my correspondence and update me with some kind of news or status? Like hey I've got it and will get to it later. And if he's decided for whatever reason that he can't/won't write a letter for me, why not just tell me so I can move on and find some way to fix it at this late date.
  2. To the schools. Only one of the schools I'm applying to wants the subject score. So do I need to put in a request for both scores to be sent? As in when I request that the General score be sent will they automatically include the subject one too? Or do I have to put in separate requests? Thanks.
  3. Anyone know if ETS sends your general and subject scores on the same report? Or do you need to request 2 different reports for each? I called them up and the rep was clueless. She kept saying it depends on your address. So I gave her my address and she was like nope they're on 2 reports. So then I said, so it doesn't depend on the address but she kept saying yes. I was so confused.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows how your undergrad GPA are weighted compared to a Master's degree GPA? I had a realy low undergrad GPA, a 2.8 and got into a one-year Master's program in Molecular Genetics. Did decent there, a 3.7. Do you think that is more important than the undergrad one? I'm applying to a Ph.D program in Immunology and looking at some top schools like Columbia, Duke, and then some middle ones. My GRE is also decent, 1380 and I took a year off to work at a research lab at a hospital and got published though not first author. Thoughts?
  5. I'm still waiting to hear from a school too. Called them last week said decisions will be made on Tuesday (4/15) and will email. Well 2 days later and I'm still waiting. Should I call and bug them again or just wait? I'm losing hope though cause I figure not a lot get in after 4/15 but I would still like to know definitively.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I kind of figured it was something along those lines. It was my first choice but I'm guessing my chances of getting admitted are probably nil since I can't imagine masses of people rejecting. I'll probably go ahead and accept one of my other offers.
  7. I called the school up and secretary said my application was still under review by the committee. They will make final decisions and will notify on April 15th. Anyone know what that's code for? I thought the date for notification might mean that I'm waitlisted but I know they have a waitlist. Last year someone I know applied and was put on the waitlist and was notified that she was waitlisted well before 4/15. On the phone I was too anxious to ask what that meant. Or does this mean I'm waitlisted to get on the waitlist?
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