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  1. Thanks for that message abhishek. I can rest a bit easier tonight
  2. @JacquelineY did you get an invite from Rockefeller today?
  3. Haha same here, this is the first time ive logged on to gradcafe. Pretty coincidental I guess. Your background looks fantastic! I'm sure you'll get an interview. In terms of advice...not sure how much more i know than you, but would be glad to chat in a DM about all this (so as to not flood the forum with a convo). Surprised we dont have more overlap in school picks since we are both targeting the same field. (Im applying to cornell, rockefeller, stanford, berkeley, ucsb, and princeton.)
  4. Hey @potentiallylovely if im not mistaken sounds like you worked for L. Tibbets? And maybe seeking work in M. Sheehans lab?
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