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  1. Heard from U Washington Atmospheric Sci that they will end their review by 3/31.
  2. @cindyboop Thanks, that was really helpful! It's a good topic I can use if I would have the chance to have an interview lol. Wish you good luck in application cycle!
  3. I'm applying for Boston University's Earth&Environment program. I know Boston is facing wind chill temperature now so the admission process may be disturbed. My interest is in climate change and I have contacted a POI whose research is also related to Atmospheric Sciences and climate change. Is it a bad idea to send him a greeting or just ask how it is going? I'm afraid it is kind of unnecessary.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm an Asian applicant with an undergraduate degree in marine remote sensing. I'm interested in studying atmospheric radiative process and aerosol. The programs I plan to apply are all Ph.D. programs. I contacted with several POIs and got some positive replies. So at first, I felt kind of confident. Then I chose some well-known schools like UCLA and U Washington. But after looking through 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results, I found I may set my goals too high. You guys are all so outstanding with rich research experiences and higher GRE scores than mine. I have to find some less competitive programs. Do you know any professors doing aerosol research? I'm particularly interested in studying how anthropogenic behaviors' influence on radiative process. Can someone give me any idea?
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