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  1. Hello, I emailed Zoe back in May and she said that we are automatically enrolled in our first year courses. My ACORN status is still "Invited", but the courses show up with two of them with the schedule.
  2. Hello @mohamedmd Based on your description, you would be better suited for the eMHI (executive stream). 1) From what I heard from MHI alumni, the cohort had varying technical background. If you are proficient in R, you shouldn't find it difficult to understand the concepts discussed in class. If you are interested, play around with WEKA, Watson Analytics, and scikit library on Python (see if you can find how these tools can be used in health informatics). 2) You could perhaps start with this page and "The Principles of Biomedical Ethics" by Beauchamp and Childress. Then, you could explore some technical papers (e.g., this article, and the healthcare section of this article and bitcoin/blockchain). Cheers!
  3. I have accepted the offer of admission and submitted my deposit.
  4. There is IHPME-GSU Facebook group. Maybe we could make a Facebook group for the Fall 2018 cohort, but it would be useful to have a group with all MHI graduates (probably something the student rep would do).
  5. @dardalys098 After asking Toronto friends who are/were UofT students, they said there are two options: (1) live somewhere downtown that is walking distance to school (e.g., Yonge-Dundas Square, Bay Street Corridor, etc) or (2) live somewhere further out and commute (e.g., Richmond Hill or even Newmarket).
  6. Hello, I received an email earlier today. I have 4 weeks to accept the offer.
  7. Congratulations!! Did your Status on https://apply.sgs.utoronto.ca/ change to "Decision Made"?
  8. Yeah, I had 15 minutes with Julia and the 5 min presentation with two faculty members and approximately 15 min Q&A following the presentation.
  9. I finished my interview this morning. As mentioned by previous posts, the written assessment was related to a topic in health informatics. The 20 minute was enough to write 1-page. For the interview with Julia, it was fast-paced and she asked questions to find out if you are applying with a clear goal in mind. For the presentation, they were very lenient and asked questions to gauge your understanding of the subject matter. I wish everyone the best of luck with the application!
  10. I submitted my application back in December, 2017.
  11. I received an invitation on March 19th afternoon for an interview (April 12th, 2018).
  12. If we are invited for an interview, will the invitation be made by email or phone? For out of province applicants who are invited, will they be required to travel to Toronto or will they be interviewed via phone?
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