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  1. Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate it.
  2. I'm beginning to draft my statements of purpose, and I have no idea how to start it. I've seen different approaches; most commonly, something like "I am applying to the PhD in history at blah blah blah..." Is this a good way to start? Help?!
  3. Hey all! For my statements of purpose, I had initially planned to write about why my potential doctoral project is significant. Is this something that would be good to include in my statement of purpose, or would it be off-putting?
  4. Tour guide with a company, specializing in tours of Rome, Florence, and the Vatican! Probably both the best and craziest.
  5. I'm writing an honors thesis next year, which I was hoping to use as a writing sample when I apply to graduate schools. However, I'm unsure if I can produce a super polished piece of work by the December 1st deadlines. I've thought about writing a piece during the summer that relates to my field, or the piece I'm writing for my internship which is in my field, but I'm unsure. Help?
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