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  1. Biola

    School selection

    Thanks for the reply...
  2. Biola

    School selection

    Hello guys, I'm planning to apply for MSC/PHD fall 2019. My profile goes thus: GRE 313 U.G GPA 3.51/4 Research : Unpublished undergraduate thesis Sent gre score to TAMUC, Uni. Arkansas Fayetteville , Uni. of Washington and Uni. Arizona. What are my chances for fu funding or should I look somewhere else. Pls, any other suggestion...
  3. Biola

    Selection of schools

    ood day Scholars!!!!!I've been following this thread for sometime now and I really appreciate the altruism of all the active members. I taught it time for me to join the league of erudite scholars by writing the 'almighty' GRE . I will be applying for #fall2019. I've been able to come up with some schools but I seriously need your input as regard my choices in terms of generosity of the schools when it comes to funding(must ) and the admission chances, since experience they say is the best teacher. Discipline Civil EngineeringGPA - 3.51/4Interest - Structural Engineering(PHD/MSc)TAMUUniversity of UtahUniversity of ArizonaMichigan TechWashington State University(They said GRE not reqd. Shd I still send the GRE scores)University of IowaOregon State UniversityAny other suggestions will be highly welcomed....

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