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Hello guys, I'm planning to apply for MSC/PHD fall 2019. My profile goes thus: 
GRE 313
U.G GPA 3.51/4
Research : Unpublished undergraduate thesis 
Sent gre score to TAMUC,  Uni. Arkansas Fayetteville , Uni. of Washington and Uni. Arizona.

What are my chances for fu funding or should I look somewhere else. Pls,  any other suggestion...

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I'm in a different engineering field, but your profile looks appropriate for the schools you are applying to.

General advice:

  • If you want a PhD, apply directly to PhD programs, don't bother with MS.
  • You should not have to pay for an engineering PhD -- do not accept an offer if it requires you to pay your own pay
  • Most schools will promise funding to PhD students for at least the first 2 years of study. For example, University of Washington Civil Engineering states that "PhD student are fully funded with research or teaching assistantships, departmental support, and fellowships from a variety of organizations"


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