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  1. I realize this is super late but wanted to fill in on what happened in case it proved helpful or interesting to anyone down the line: 1) We didn't end up getting the award, so the problem solved itself! 2) If we *had* gotten the award, deferring would not have been possible. Apparently at the Media Lab you apply to specific openings, which may or may not still be open the next year. You can defer for a semester, but that's about it... This put me in a very stressful position since I didn't know what my status with the award was going to be, but again it worked out. That MIT policy
  2. I just accepted an offer for the MIT Media Lab in the Information Ecology group. Really excited about it!
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice (and thanks LadyL for the compliment ) -- I'm getting some confidence that this could actually work out; relief! I'll let you know how the conversation goes.
  4. I can't believe I'm even in this situation, but I wound up here. I found out last week that I got bumped up off of the wait list at the MIT Media Lab - thrilled about it! Full funding plus RA stipend. There is no question that this is the sort of opportunity that no person in their right mind with an interest in technology would even stop to think about before accepting flat out. However back in December a friend and I applied to an innovation competition which is also very prestigious (for instance, last year Sir Tim Burner's Lee -- the man who invented the WWW -- was one of a few winne
  5. I'll be there -- looking forward to it
  6. Sure thing -- I heard from a contact at the Lab that the odds were "1/5 maybe?" and that traditionally each group puts 1 or 2 on the waitlist for 1 or 2 spots. (this gave me the idea that waitlists are essentially group specific). The numbers I have heard from this year (I don't remember from where, so take them with a grain of salt) were that ~700 applied and ~40 were accepted. Several people were debating the merits of waiting for a year to re-apply if they had been put on the waitlist, and most were suggesting that it would not be a good idea. I added my two cents which were that I
  7. Looks like the original thread was deleted... Figured I would start another. We were talking about waitlists and decisions.
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