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  1. Hi, Reviving this thread as I have some questions. I am an international student starting this fall and would like to know if it is possible to pay rent/bills/federal tax????/groceries on a master's student stipend.... And do international students have to pay federal tax? I've emailed the accounts office to check but any answers here would be good as well. Thank you!
  2. I have finally accepted as well! I will be attending Louisiana State University (LSU) due to research interest and advisor suitability. Here's hoping everyone gets somewhere they like! (:
  3. I tried emailing the person I applied to work with but got no reply. I’m thinking that’s a bad sign ?.
  4. Hi! Has anyone heard back from GaTech/Brown? I'm thinking if I should email them this coming week to ask about the progress of my application as I have one school that requires me to give a reply ASAP as I'm currently given funding that would go to someone else if I choose to reject the school. However, I told myself that I would only decide once either school gets back to me due to some personal reasons. But I am afraid that if I push, they may very well reject me instead? Anyway, it's this late into the game. Should I expect total rejections from my last 3 schools? Thanks for any advice!
  5. Hi guys, some updates here! I just got rejected from mit-whoi (expected but still hurts lol) and a MSc of Geography from LSU. 1.5a/1r/4w. If anyone has updates from Columbia, Brown for paleoclimate/ oceanography, I’ll be grateful. Thanks and all the best to all!
  6. March is coming around real soon and I haven’t heard from a bunch. It’s really nerve wrecking and exhausting. But all the best to everyone! I hope replies come out these 2 weeks!
  7. Hey! Congrats! I applied under a climate scientist as well. May I know the initials of your POI? thank you!
  8. Hey, I saw a post on the results page about someone getting accepted to GaTech's Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. May I know if anyone has heard anything yet? Also, I'm guessing that some decisions are going to be delayed due to the upcoming Ocean Sciences Conference in Portland this week?
  9. Undergrad Institution: Known university from Singapore Major(s): Geosciences Minor(s): GPA in Major: 3.37 (Was higher, dropped after fall semester) Overall GPA: 3.36 Position in Class: Dead average Type of Student: International (Singapore) GRE Scores (revised): Q: 161 V: 158 W: 5.0 Decided against retaking it as some professors I interacted with said the scores were fine. Research Experience: - 3 years research experience as an undergraduate intern with a well-known professor - Final Year Thesis with same professor - Guest Student at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in summer of 3rd year Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Yearly Field Trips / Field Camps in during summer and winter breaks --> Outdoor, hands on field experiences Special Bonus Points: I have 2 strong recommendation letters. One from my research advisor from WHOI, the other with connections to MIT-WHOI and Columbia and my final year thesis advisor. Applying to Where: (all these schools are geosciences/ earth sciences but under professors working on paleoclimate science/ marine science/ geochemistry) Columbia; Lamont - Earth Sciences MIT-WHOI - Marine Geochemistry UMaine - Geochemistry Brown - Earth Sciences LSU - Geography department; but paleoclimate professor GeorgiaTech - Geochemistry, Paleoclimate Rochester - Marine Geochemistry Hi, I've submitted all my applications and it's definitely a nerve-wrecking period waiting for the results. My GPA is definitely not high. Just average where I'm from. I have schools that I know are definitely out of my reach but was encouraged to apply anyway. Would like to know what any of you guys think! I interacted with professors from all of these schools via Skype before sending out my applications to know where I stand and if I am a good fit for the lab. I had favourable replies but some professors are only able to take in 1 student for this year. For those, I am not confident based on my GPA. All the best to everyone!
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