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  1. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    I was just placed on HELD status again a couple weeks ago, and I have not been contacted by an employer yet. I wasn’t contacted the first time I was on that status, and it remained for about a month. I’m hoping I’ll get a call or email soon. Who knows!
  2. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    Does anyone know if there are any limitations on in Employers in terms of the HELD status? Like if there's a limit on how many students a company can hold at a given time? I've been on HELD since nearly the beginning, and to my understanding, my application is not viewable to other companies because the HELD status removes you from the applicant pool. I'd hate for the company who is holding me to have held a bunch of other students as well and then wait until March or April to make decisions. At that point, I feel like it would be too late for those who didn't make the cut.
  3. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    Wow congrats!! Mind telling the company that took you in?
  4. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    Thanks! Have you had any luck after doing that? I'm not sure how to go about finding the GEM positions within the company.
  5. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    Are we just supposed to contact the employer representative through the GEM site? Or are we supposed to contact someone else from the company? I can't quite remember what they said in that regard during the call, and I imagine these employer representatives' emails are getting blown up during this time.
  6. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    I have not yet, that would probably be a good idea though. Definitely wouldn't hurt, I don't think.
  7. wdb17

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    I was on matched for a little while and I’ve been on held for the past several weeks. Haven’t heard from any employers though, hoping I’ll get contacted soon

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