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  1. Not the person you asked, but I interviewed with UMich, PIBS, Human Genetics this weekend (Feb 1-3). They extended an "early" offer to me yesterday (Feb 4) and sent the official admittance email earlier today. Hope that helps
  2. Business casual for interview days, normal casual for any other time. Don't overthink it!
  3. Anyone have insight on Columbia's Biological Sciences program (GSAS)? From data in the results search it looks like they extend offers over a really long range, as early as December and as late as February.
  4. Just got an invite to John Hopkins Human Genetics!!! Dates are Feb 1, 6, 8, and 13th.
  5. No idea if they're still sending out invites. You can try emailing Maureen, she's the coordinator for the group.
  6. Anyone have information on the following programs or know if they're still going to be sending out invites? Columbia University, Biological Sciences (GSAS) University of Chicago, Molecular Biosciences (Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology) And to share, here are the schools I've received invites from (all before Jan 1st) UPenn (Genomics and Computational Biology) Cornell (Genetics, Genomics, and Development) Duke (Genetics and Genomics) University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (PIBS, Human Genetics) Baylor College of Medicine (Molecular and Human Genetics) University of Wisconsin - Madison (Genetics) If anyone applied to JHU (Human Genetics), I've contacted them and they said they will be sending out invites on January 17th.
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