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  1. To the person who received an interview request at Clemson University, could you message me your POI and research interests. I am hoping to hear from Clemson, it was my first choice.
  2. Anyone heard anything from Auburn or Clemson's Doctoral programs?
  3. Anyone heard from Clemson or Auburn?
  4. Am I the only one who hasn't heard from a single school yet?
  5. I spoke with three professors at Rice University, two stated that they were unsure about funding this year and one stated that they will not be taking students. I do not believe that ALL the results are sent out yet, but it seems they may not take many students. In past years they have accepted students into February. As for your other schools, I am unsure.
  6. Applied to 11 schools: UConn BGSU PennState Rice Minnesota George Mason Colorado State Texas A&M East Carolina Clemson Auburn Have not heard back yet. The anxiety grows!!!!!
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