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  1. Hi, I recently got a letter from Gwynedd Mercy University saying that I was put on the waiting list. I am pretty disappointed, but I guess I just have to wait a couple more weeks to get a definite answer. I've also been accepted at Dominican College which is the school I have been studying at for close to 6 years. I applied there for a safety net (which definitely came in handy). And I also applied to American International College and was also waitlisted. My question is, at Gwynedd Mercy University, this will be the inaugural class this coming May. How likely is it that someone on the waitlist will get accepted? I know this is a fairly new program, so I'm just curious. Also, has anyone else out there applied to OT schools and got waitlisted too? Thank you!
  2. Hello I only applied to 3 schools: Dominican College American International College Gwynedd Mercy University I submitted my apps on Dec 28 2017, had everything verified by Jan 2, and got an email for AIC on Jan 8 letting me know my app was successfully submitted and that a representative will contact me shortly regarding my status. Haven't heard from the other schools yet. Now it is just a waiting game lol. Good luck everyone!
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