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  1. Hey! Nope, nothing. They might be waiting for people to accept/decline the offers. Still, there's so many of us, they could have sent some rejections by now... It is weird
  2. Yeah, Looking back I don't think Berkeley was a good fit. No one has ever got accepted for my subfield according to the info I found online. It's really frustrating though. They say they don't require experience beyond a BA level. I'm guessing that's so they get more applications (=money/good statistics)? I didn't know that. That's great advice!! Thank you so much! I'm glad everything worked out for you in the end
  3. Me neither... Two people got interviews, one for phonology and one for, I'm guessing, syntax-semantics as that's the POI's field.
  4. I got two rejections and I only applied to 4 PhD programmes. Also, UCLA already sent out the 8 offers, so that's the 3rd rejection even though I haven't officially received. Amherst already started interviewing applicants (I didn't receive an invitation), so I'm guessing 4. I have an offer for a Masters and I'm waiting to hear back from 2 other Masters programmes. I had the grades, great LoR and all, but that's not enough, especially because I don't have any experience/significant coursework in the subfield I applied to. That's a massive gap in my application. Doing a Masters will hopefully help me make up for the research gaps etc. I noticed a lot of people who got in already had at least one Masters by the time they applied. Also, I didn't do the GRE so I couldn't apply to a lot of programmes I wish I had. It's okay though, I'm 21. If anything, the rejections only made me realise how much I want to be a linguist haha I'll apply next year again and I'm definitely taking the GRE this time Hope you get it this year!
  5. I hear you. Same here. I'm only applying to unis that didn't require the GRE test. It was so expensive (applying from England), I thought it wasn't worth it. In the end I regretted it, because I could have applied to other unis with amazing programmes in my field like U Florida, Southern California, Hawaii, NYU, among others. They also have great funding opportunities. Oh well, live and learn. Good luck to you (hope you get it this year) and I'll make sure to post here whenever I hear from UMich
  6. At this point I'm just confused as to how I can improve my applications next year, if I don't make this year. Some people have experience, publications, etc and they don't get in. Others don't have any of that and apparently that's why they don't get in. I guess it all comes down to the people in the department/admissions board and what they are looking for... As well, some places (like Berkeley) can offer 8 spots, but they only make 6 offers. Why? Do they say they have 8 spots so more people will apply? They only got 138 applications this year compared to 163 last year (that's approximately $2500 less for them).
  7. Fewer than 7 people got accepted to Berkeley (the rejection email said so). 6 people posted they got accepted on the results page, so I guess that's that: 6 people got in. They might be waiting to know whether they're taking or declining the offer, in which case they might get another round of interviews.
  8. What's your subfield? Waiting really annoys me haha If it's a rejection I would rather get it as soon as possible, so I sort of know where my life is heading... How about UCLA or Amherst? Have you applied to any of them? I think they only make decisions between mid and late Feb, so that's gonna take a while... I'm also waiting to hear from Edinburgh and Cambridge.
  9. Hey! Has anyone heard from Michigan (Ann Arbor) about being rejected/waitlisted? As some people mentioned in the results section they were invited for interviews/open house etc, I figured they'd be sending out the rejections this week.
  10. IA18

    Linguistics F18

    Oh cool! I feel less alone haha Neuro and Psycholinguistics. I have also applied to Masters here in the UK and I got an offer from my uni. If it doesn't work out this year, I guess I'll reapply next year with a Master's and a dissertation in my subfield. What's your plan? Did you check the results page? Quite a few people had interviews on the 13th, 14th etc, and Berkeley invites shortlisted candidates to interviews, right? That's why I'm expecting a rejection. To you too! Hope it all works out for the best for both of us
  11. IA18

    Linguistics F18

    Thank you very much! It's good to hear from someone who's been through the process
  12. IA18

    Linguistics F18

    Hi! I appreciate your input and that's actually something I'm afraid of, but I can't see myself doing anything other than Linguistics - something I would enjoy. Funny enough, I thought I wanted to go into Computational Linguistics and then became interested in Speech Pathology and Communication disorders. I applied to PhDs in Linguistics with Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics as subfields. I also really like Forensic Linguistics. May I ask what school you went to and what area of specialisation you picked?
  13. Hi everyone! Does anyone happen to know if UC Berkeley already sent out all interview invitations for Linguistics (PhD, 2018)? I'm guessing by now I'll be rejected, so I'd rather find out soon enough. If anyone reading this got an invite, what's your subfield? Also, when should we hear from UCLA, UMASS Amherst and Michigan Ann Arbor (same programme)? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!
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