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  1. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    I had an interview and was accepted. I heard got my official acceptance on March 19th.
  2. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    I meant Oklahoma. I follow football pretty closely and they're always referred to as OU, which is why I use that acronym! Thank you though!
  3. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Has anyone heard from OU?
  4. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Nope. I looked at previous years and it seems as though they let people know in March. I could be wrong but that's kind of what I'm planning on.
  5. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    I do not know but if you figure out, could you PM me?
  6. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Did anyone apply to any Masters programs? If so, have you heard back at all? I'm particularly interested if SDSU has sent out anything because their application deadline was December 15.
  7. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    I wouldn't take this as fact because they could have changed their funding procedure, but one of my professors is close with some of the people that run the program over there and he said that they don't give typical funding, but most of their students are able to get paid internships/jobs that cover some of the cost. The only other thing I know is that it's the only I/O PhD program with a Christian focus.
  8. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    That's interesting. I applied to Wayne and never got an email saying I was accepted or rejected. On my application page it still says "decision pending". I wonder if something went wrong with my application and it didn't get submitted correctly. That or I'll be receiving a rejection letter soon. Has anyone had a situation like this before? Should I contact their graduate admissions office?
  9. PsychYouOut

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Does anyone know if Penn State has sent out interview offers or acceptances? I haven't heard anything on this forum about Penn State, which surprises me because I would've thought their decisions would be made by now (at least decisions about who they are going to ask to interview). Thanks

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