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  1. Waitlisted at UNT and USA, accepted to LSU and Syracuse. Trying to make some decisions!!
  2. not a stupid question! I didn't figure that out until the application process started. good luck to you!!
  3. I was accepted to Syracuse with a GA scholarship for 50% tuition for first two years!
  4. LSU has notified my of a skype interview on Friday March 2nd, but USA has been silent
  5. South Alabama, LSU, and Adelphi have been completely silent for me so far. North Texas and Syracuse have been very responsive and are moving their process along. Hopefully the other programs follow suit soon. Good luck!
  6. I don't know much about that program, but a quick search of the results page showed that someone got an interview email today, so I'd be on the lookout! Good luck!!
  7. has anyone else applying to UNT been invited to the recruitment even in February?
  8. I haven't made a calendar, but I have checked that same thing many times! I hate the waiting!
  9. @halil ibrahim, I think your best bet may be to contact the schools you're interested in directly. They'd be able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on your application checklist. Good luck!
  10. Checking like a hawk every day! I applied to UNT, LSUHSC, USA, Adelphi/Hofstra/St. John. Good luck!!!
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