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  1. E/E/E/E/E/VG awarded! Still in shock, this thread has kept me sane in the waiting game
  2. There is a post about it in "The Bank" about grad cafe. It seems like in recent years they've released them around mid to late March. Last year was March 17th for release. I think we might get them this Friday or early next week.
  3. Heard back in early January
  4. No problem! Hopefully they send the official emails soon lol
  5. Was told by a POI that all offers for Yale for inorganic have already gone out. Apparently they took fewer than previous years to keep the class size down.
  6. Wow, looks like someone was accepted to Berkeley this past week. I thought they would be done sending offers but I guess not!
  7. Hmm, it seems like in years past they've done the rejections really late sometimes (March 9-10) so maybe they'll come a lot later. I guess it's not the weirdest thing if they keep making offers since their visit weekends are end of March/early April.
  8. I wish Yale would release decisions already! It's interesting they have a visit date that's so late (first week of April). Maybe that's why they're taking a while...
  9. Agreed, I think last year or the year before some acceptances trickled in on grad cafe right before rejections were sent Feb 6/7 which may occur but probably won't.
  10. Oh interesting, how do you know Yale hasn't extended any inorganic offers?
  11. Do you guys think Berkeley is a lost cause now? I got a really generic "we're still reviewing your application" response when I asked them about my application status but I'm not sure what to believe anymore... Same here. I'm expecting the same from Yale at this point since they also had the wave of acceptances come out already.
  12. Weird, I wonder if any more acceptances are going to come out aside from the first wave that happened a few weeks ago...
  13. I emailed Yale and they said "decisions are made in the months of February and March" which seemed a little generic. For those waiting on Berkeley, the admissions officer said applications are still being reviewed and will finish around mid February to the end of February. The Princeton admissions officer said decisions would be made by the end of the month (supposedly tomorrow).
  14. Anyone heard from Yale or Princeton for inorganic? I figured Yale and Princeton would be done with admissions decisions by the end of the month but I guess not...
  15. When did they hear back?
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