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  1. This thread is really useful so just adding on - I'm currently choosing between schools A and B which are about equally prestigious. (I had 8 offers I was considering and these are the 2 choices I whittled them down to and which I was most seriously considering) I am basically decided on school A now. However I wasn't really aware about leveraging offers until now since I was emailing with another prospective who told me he did that. School A is paying me a 29k stipend while School B is paying 31k. It's honestly a fractional difference (although the location of School B is also very
  2. No I haven't (nor from the Duke MA program, although waitlisted at its PhD program)! Sorry I applied to so many programs (too many in retrospect) so my reporting is all over the place. I also applied to the Georgetown PhD program and am withdrawing myself from that too so if they haven't sent out any letters maybe it might help some people?
  3. What are international applicants on here doing about recruitment visits? (I live in western europe and the schools I'm considering are all in the US)
  4. Sorry I should have added more details - Yale was PhD, Georgetown and The New School were MA applications (since they had later deadlines, Jan 15 I believe). I received an email around five(?) days ago telling me I was accepted (oddly not to the email I signed up with but for to another email address that I don't remember using in any of the applications?) and then another yesterday telling me to check my portal. Probably not the info you're looking for though. I applied for MA programs in most places that offered them (MAPSS, Georgetown, Duke, Oxford, LSE, TNS, and was planning on Columb
  5. Yale (fully funded), Georgetown (fully funded), and New School (75% scholarship - lol, expected). Extremely grateful. I have begun declining offers (so far UMass, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, UCLA, am in the process of figuring out how to decline the New School, and have not heard anything from Penn but will likely email to withdraw my application) - best of luck to all waitlisted applicants!!
  6. Waitlisted at Cornell and finally got my Berkeley rejection
  7. I doubt that all the acceptances for Cornell have been sent out... there are only 3 acceptances listed on the survey and of course not everyone who gets in is on TGC or posts their results, but it seems unlikely that there would be only 3 responses if they had all been sent out. In any case, for my own sanity trying not to speculate on whether silence = rejection as I doubt we can fully know what goes on for every admissions committee every year. No wild hopes but trying to just operate under the idea that only a rejection letter really means a rejection
  8. Ugh please please please today for my sense of closure
  9. Personally I don't think there's anything to be gained by forcing a correspondence along (if you don't particularly have that much more to say or ask) just for the sake of being in touch with them (although perhaps I am wrong about this, I don't particularly know)
  10. I've just asked questions about stuff that I'm actually interested in about the program/the classes she's teaching/her research--I don't get the impression my POI is expecting me to confirm my acceptance yet at all either, especially given how early it is and how many schools have not even sent results yet (ahhh yet another reason I love her)
  11. I've run out of reactions but thank you so much! I really appreciate this.
  12. Fully funded acceptance at Brown!! (Ahh now I'm conflicted because someone I'd really be interested in working with there...)
  13. On a related note: This sounds like it should be basic but I’m not sure how to determine the subfield rankings of schools below #10? I saw a thread saying that until #15 or 20 should be “if you have to ask if they are, they aren’t” but I’m not sure if this is great advice to someone like me who tends to second guess everything.
  14. ^^^^^^ same for me just now Oh well, no matter the outcome at least it made for interview practice
  15. Seconded--I feel like I don't see Hopkins as much on the forums? (Is this accurate/if so, why?)
  16. No news at all from Chicago or Columbia...
  17. Thank you! No and it was an MSc program (I applied to a lot* of PhD level programs and a few MA level)--no word on funding though (though I doubt it's going to be much) but I'm prioritizing my PhD applications anyway, so it's fine *too many, in retrospect
  18. Thank you--this is really useful, but as a follow up, would it be appropriate to ask professors about funding and logistical issues like that or would that be better directed towards people like the Graduate Program Coordinator? (After taking some time to see if I can answer them myself.) I think I feel so wary about asking professors questions because it feels like I could find out a lot of information about funding/TA obligations/placements myself with just a bit of extra effort and don't want to be perceived as wasting the professor's time...
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