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  1. I am so glad that somebody brought this up!! It feels good to see that I am not the only one! Now listen to my story, I was to choose between two different fields which made the desicion too hard for me, first choice was clinical psychology Ph.D. with 15K a year in a decent but not so prestigious school (#116 in rankings), location was suburban and not exactly where I want to live either. Second choice was a Ph.D. in Neuroscience in a really prestigious school (#20 in rankings), although they are doing something totally different from what I did until know and what I have always planned to do
  2. Just an update, I finally made my official decision which is going to PhD in Neuroscience in my dream school, and I feel so relieved. This decision feels so right right now and I don't even know why I doubted that much. Hope everybody else feel the same way I do with their decisions at this point!
  3. OK something really weird happened Yesterday I turned down the offer of school 1, and afterwards I felt extremely uncomfortable, I just felt that pressure in my chest, the gut feeling telling me I am doing something wrong. And today I checked my email again, and I saw the professor from School 1 sent me an email saying I would like to check in with you for the last time before I give your offer to someone else because I have the feeling that you are more interested in clinical psychology. And after I saw that email, I immediately called the Prof back and said I am still unsure and I would lik
  4. Thank you everybody! I just wanted to let you know I finally made my decision, I decided to give a try to neuroscience and see how it goes, and to find a way to make it work for me. I just realized that I am not that passionate about counseling people for a life and might do better as a scientist. We'll see, best of luck to everyone!
  5. thank you for the replies!! OK the thing is a switch between two departments sounds not very probable, since they are totally under different divisions, neuroscience is under division of basic science and clinical psychology is under division of clinical science, so basically they are not very related at all And about working in a lab, in my neuroscience training I did not do any bench level lab work, the project I work in is human based, like neuropsychology and fMRI(which I like doing). So here is a thing, I have this gut feeling that I am not meant to work in a lab dealing with molecules
  6. I am in between two options: 1) It is a B school, Clinical Psychology PhD, it is 120something in the rankings, it is a good, decent school and is known well in Texas are though not very prestigious, gives funding around $15000/year. The faculty and people were really nice in the interview, but the research facilities are not that good, there might be some funding and recruiting people for the study issues. The area is 1hr drive to Dallas, it is a relatively small town. The professor over there really wants to get me into the program and I will probably get a lot of individual attention with a
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