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  1. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    Congrats kiyoko! I have not heard back. I don’t think I’m in at this point. But hopefully I’m wrong and that they’re still in the process of responding to other applicants.
  2. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    Same! Definitely will post when I receive something
  3. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    @rachel.o Yes still pending, a friend that applied to the program told me that she called today and that they said that they’re still reviewing
  4. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    I have not heard anything yet either and now it’s Monday April 23rd, have any of you heard back?
  5. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    Hi! nope still nothing, I read the responses from previous years it sounds like some people heard back in April. So I think we should know no later than next month. I hope ahhh!!
  6. Universal1992

    Msw stanislaus state

    Hello Everyone, Those of you that applied to Stanislaus State MSW 2 year and 3 year program have you received a response? Or does anyone know by when decisions might be made. Considering how the deadline was on the 1st of February thank you

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