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    Trudeau 2018

    Congrats on the great news! I haven't heard a thing myself, so I'm not too hopeful anymore. What about everyone's application in the system? Still there? Or have people seen theirs disappear? @p(ache)d mentioned above that they saw their application removed from the system before the rejection email. Mine's still sitting there in the portal, "under review"...
  2. pisciculus

    Trudeau 2018

    I can't help but hold on until I know for sure. Sucker for punishment, I guess. I'll definitely update once I know for sure. I can only hope that my news of rejection or (unlikely) acceptance will be read by future applicants scouring the internet. For now, I can sleep, since the headquarters is closed for the day.
  3. pisciculus

    Trudeau 2018

    I'm really not sure. I've read that people received emails in the past. Plus I imagine it'd be easier to send out mass emails rather than contend with snail mail. I'm abroad. Not convinced they'd waste the postage
  4. pisciculus

    Trudeau 2018

    A few hours a day over the course of a week. I was fortunate to have just gone through my first year review, so I had a massive document to draw from. It was mostly editing work. It would have taken me much, much longer otherwise.
  5. pisciculus

    Trudeau 2018

    I'm SO happy to see a thread about this here. Now that we're in "early February", I've started going insane with the anticipation. I think we can all agree that this scholarship is a longshot, but I can't help but hope just a little bit. It appears from reading and re-reading posts on the site obsessively that notifications start to go out some time between February 9th to February 11th. It's only the 7th today. This is painful. Good luck everyone!!!
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