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  1. Hi, just a heads up - I applied last year, I'm now a first year at Hopkins, and I popped into this thread to see what new admits are talking about. I applied to Harvard both GHP in PHS and Decision Sciences in HPM. I got the PHS rejection on Feb 24 and the HPM rejection on March 3. I think acceptances found out a day or two before those dates. So you might have longer to wait. Hope that helps!
  2. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    Thanks for the info! I'll keep an eye out for that...
  3. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    Hmm, good point... I still haven't heard anything so I gotta say I think I'm out of the running. But it was a long shot! They seem to only take people who run their own companies, have written multiple books, won Nobel Prizes, etc. :-)
  4. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    I'm really thinking people have likely heard by now... judging from last year's threads, it looks like you have to submit a video if you are a semi-finalist, and they use those to determine the interviewees. It looks like rejections might come by mail, not email.
  5. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    I spent about 5-10 hours per week over the course of a few weeks... probably about 15 hours total. I had a partial proposal for a project but I had to seriously adapt it to work for this. And I spent a lot of time editing and re-editing to make sure it fit the Trudeau themes.
  6. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    Yeah, it does seem to be closer to the 9th... I'm expecting probably tomorrow or Friday? I mostly just want to know, even if I didn't make it to the next round.
  7. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    Agreed! I know it's a long shot for me but I really want to hear back!
  8. T7879

    Trudeau 2018

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has heard anything about semi-finalist results yet? I know they said early February on the website, but I realized there wasn't a thread up for this year yet.
  9. Just got rejected from Harvard HPM! Wondering why I even bothered to apply... that's a lot of money down the drain.
  10. So when I was admitted to Hopkins (IH department) I just got an email with a letter of admission. The application was through SOPHAS so I didn't have a portal to log into.
  11. Anyone want to claim the Harvard HPM phone acceptance on the results page? Specifically which track. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I've heard the same, about those three being the top schools in terms of opportunities, methods, established presence in the field, etc. Each obviously has its own advantages, but I have heard great things about both Harvard and UNC. I think you're right that it is really well known within the field of public health, which is really what counts from our perspective. Another big factor to me is location - I'm currently at Hopkins, and I was excited about the prospect of moving to Boston (but not so much Chapel Hill!). I think my decision will boil down to two major things: fit with a
  13. Sorry to hear that! Yeah, I'm still bummed but glad I have other options. Do you think UNC epi is a good choice? I know it and Harvard are ranked similarly but I guess I'm concerned that the UNC name isn't as widely known so there won't be as many opportunities afterwards. Thoughts?
  14. Best of luck!!! My top choice was Harvard PHS but I just got rejected (assumed because no acceptance or waitlist on Wednesday), and now UNC is looking like a great option
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