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  1. Congratulations on the acceptances! Memphis is a good school and a musical city so yay! Did you post the rejection for NYU on the portal? Did you interview with them?
  2. This may mean you’re accepted and they’re creating your funding package! After this admissions cycle I have decided to be positive, until told otherwise!
  3. Spoke to someone from the department. They basically haven’t rejected anyone. Made 6 offers and rest everyone interviewed is on the waitlist. They said it may go up to May, sometimes even June so it’s recommended that you don’t keep waiting.
  4. This is weird. I just got an email from NYU college of professional studies asking me to apply to their masters program in global affairs based on my test scores and applications. i am still waiting to hear back on my doctoral application after this interview day, but this email seems like an implicit rejection why make a sales pitch instead of directly rejecting. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. I haven’t heard anyone being accepted to NYU here. Did you hear that people have already been accepted? The current students mentioned that they heard after 3 weeks of interview. And it’s only been 2. Not sure now though, after reading tht people have been accepted! Could people who were accepted throw some light on how and when they heard?
  6. I’m interested to find that out too. Harvard health policy is the only one that has radio silence for me, rest everyone has informally or formally communicated. i even emailed them twice but there has been no response. I applied for the decision sciences track and haven’t seen any postings for that - wondering what silence means and if I should stop anticipating anything and move on ? ughh if only they would say something.. anyone else on the same boat?
  7. I got no response too. Applied PhD HPM. Also, I know people who got into Harvard TH Chan PhD without interviews till last year.
  8. So I followed you and inquired about Yale HPM and got this reply: Thank you for your inquiry. We have started sending out interview invitations. If you haven’t heard, you likely are not being interviewed. Sorry. Good Luck. Well, this sums up my year.. Don't have any expectations from Harvard HPM since I have not heard anything. Rejection from Brown and Yale Interview at NYU (fingers crossed) Wait-listed at Johns Hopkins (don't have any expectation since no rank was provided).. Good luck folks!!
  9. ha! I hope your theory is correct. Acceptance or Rejection, anything is better than this dead silence..
  10. Harvard and Yale silence on Health Policy is killing me. Has anyone heard anything from these schools?
  11. I was wait-listed today but no rank was provided for HSR I saw that post on results page too and wanted to know the same thing, if anyone else was given a ranking
  12. Yes, Health Policy and Management, HSR track! thank you so much for your hopeful words but it does seem like a long shot to me now. I thought my application was competitive and had a really good response from a faculty member who agreed to work with me.
  13. My status at JHU still remains “application sent for review” and I wasn’t contacted for interview either. Should I just assume a rejection? Was anybody accepted at JHU without an interview?
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